NWSKL Summer 2017 Figures

See Animated Figure Diagrams Here
New International Sport Kite Rules and figures are in process and should take effect in August 1, 2017. Figures after that date are tentative. Check back for updates.

Note: A Championship Season runs until July 31st with the remaining competitions of the summer counting towards next year's Championships. The region's top 5 fliers in each division qualify for the National competition at the AKA Convention in the early fall.

At the national competition, the planned precision format will be Program Precision. This is different than the competition format the league will use at some events. Check the AKA Rule Book Appendix for specifics download the Program Precision Seminar Outline from a past Annual Meeting.

Ocean Shores Kite Festival
June 4-5
Chance Approach
Westport Windriders Kite Festival
July 9-10
Grayland Beach
August 18-21
Long Beach
Whidbey Island Kite Festival
September 18
Camp Casey
Beginner Dual-line 2,7,92,7,92,7,9 2,7,9
Novice Dual-line 7,8,152,5,17 12,8,193,11,18
Experienced Dual-line 2,7,512,8,19 3,12,1811,17,5
Masters Dual-line 12,8,193,12,18 11,17,513,9,14
Open Multi-line 2,4,2219,13,9 7,21,1620,8,15
Open Dual-line Pairs 6,17,1612,9,14 18,8,117,3,15
Open Multi-line Pairs 10,6,512,7,8 1,9,134,3,11
Open Dual-line Team 7,10,115,8,15 14,16,122,3,4
Open Multi-line Team 5,4,68,11,5 8,7,99,7,6