Run From The Rain Indoor
Ocean Shores Elementary School
300 Mt. Olympus Dr.Ocean Shores, Wa
November 3-4, 2012

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Indoor Competition points at the AKA national level is an Open event with no Experienced/Open class distinction. The Northwest Sport Kite League runs multiplclasses to encourage anyone with an interest to try competition.

Competition Fees: $15 for one day, or $25 for both days. Pay on site only

For planning purposes please register in advance if possible.

Competition start time will be at 2:00pm Saturday, and 11:00 am Sunday. Pilot's Meeting 15 minutes prior to start of competition.

Sponsored by: Ocean Shores Kites.

Waiver: In consideration for the right to participate in this event. I hereby hold all persons and entities associated with the administration or sponsorship of this event harmless and release them from any and all liability in connection with any participation. I also consent to be photographed or videotaped, and grant the organizers the right to my film or tape likeness in any media coverage of the event.

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