Westport Windriders Kite Festival
Grayland, WA
Sport Kite Competitions July 9 - 10, 2016

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  Novice Individual Precision
  Experienced Ind.  Precision
  Masters Individual Precision
  Experienced Multiline Precision
  Masters Multiline Precision
   NWSKL Figures

Check Experienced or Master for your AKA points in the open classes.

All competitors MUST be current AKA members & show AKA card at time of competition.

All events will be conducted according to the current AKA rules.

Beginners compete free as long as they are current AKA members.

Fees apply to each individual team member.

   Open Pairs Precision
   Open Pairs Multiline Precision
   Open Team Precision
   Open Team Multiline Precision

Experienced Masters
Experienced Masters
Experienced Masters
Experienced Masters

  Novice Individual Ballet 
  Experienced Ind. Ballet 
  Masters Individual Ballet 
  Experienced Multiline Ballet
  Masters Multiline Ballet
  Open Ind. Outdoor unlimited

   Open Pairs Ballet
   Open Pairs Multiline Ballet
   Open Team Ballet
   Open Team Multiline Ballet
   Open Team Train Ballet

Experienced Masters
Experienced Masters
Experienced Masters
Experienced Masters
Experienced Masters

  Can work on Saturday

Can work on Sunday

Mentor New Flyer
Sport Kite Entry Fee Payable at Event
Please make checks payable to: NWSKL

Please show up at 9:00 am to assist in set up for the day.  Pilot Meeting at 10:00 am.  Please help in take down.  All times are subject to change.  Thank you.

Waiver: In consideration for the right to participate in this event. I hereby hold all persons and entities associated with the administration or sponsorship of this event harmless and release them from any and all liability in connection with any participation. I also consent to be photographed or videotaped, and grant the organizers the right to my film or tape likeness in any media coverage of the event.

You must check the box and fill in the NAME of (flyer or parent/guardian of a flyer under 18) in the Text box to register and by doing this, you have agreed to the Waiver.   The form will not send without filling these fields in.


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